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About me 
I am a graduate of the Saint Paul Technical College Watchmakers of Switzerland Training and Education Program. I have been a watchmaker in the retail jewelery business and am now an independent watchmaker in Minneapolis. I work with individuals and businesses to repair watches of all varieties.
I can and will work on almost all brands of new and vintage pocket watches and wristwatches. Just a few of the brands I service include Omega, Rolex, Tag Heuer, Cartier, Seiko, Citizen, Elgin, Hamilton, Illinois, Waltham, Hampden, and Bulova.
A short listing of services I offer with the basic labor charge:
  • Estimates: Estimates are free, return shipping is $5  via priority mail
  • Standard mechanical overhaul (pocket watch): $100, base rate
  • Standard mechanical overhaul (wrist watch): $125, base rate
  • Standard automatic overhaul: $145, base rate
  • Standard chronograph overhaul: $175, base rate
  • Automatic chronograph overhaul: $195, base rate
  • Rolex, Omega co-axial, or more complicated overhaul: $200, base rate
  • Replica watch overhaul: $150, base rate, and comes with no warranty on the work done on the watch. If you want the movement replaced instead, there is a flat $75 labor fee plus the cost of the movement.
  • All overhauls include a case and bracelet clean and polish.
  • Standard quartz movement replacement: $40 labor charge (plus cost of the movement)
  • Crystal replacement*: $20 base rate, for a standard, 1mm thick round crystal *PLEASE NOTE: many crystals that are not round are not available as generics, and I may not be able to replace them. PLEASE send me an email before you send your watch for a crystal replacement.
  • Crystal buffing, plastic crystals only: $5
  • Shipping to you after completion: $5 for priority shipping with delivery confirmation. If you would like to have your package insured for replacement value, please let me know and I will give you a quote on that.
  • Battery replacements: not available. Please take your watch to a jewelry store, where they will be happy to assist you!
Other charges to consider:
  • Parts are sometimes needed to complete your repair, and will add to the total cost. Cost of parts entirely depends on the brand and type of watch you have, but I will always give you an estimate before ordering any replacement parts. Please understand that some parts are not available to independent watchmakers, and will require that I decline the job.

If there is a service you require but don't see it here, please contact me for a free estimate.

I especially enjoy working on antique and vintage pocket watches and wristwatches. It is amazing to me that a mechanical item that is so old can still work so well!
A vintage wristwatch can be a fantastic accessory... if it's running.
If you aren't sure if your timepiece is worth repairing, please contact me for a free estimate.
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