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Frequently Asked Questions
How much is my repair going to cost?
Take a look at my Services page, and it gives a pretty good guideline for my pricing. If there is a service you are interested in but don't see it listed, please don't hesitate to ask!

How can I get my watch to you and how do I get it back?
Please package your watches securely and mail them (preferably with delivery confirmation) to PO Box 17239, Minneapolis, MN, 55417.

I return ship by USPS priority mail, with delivery confirmation and tracking. I have never had a package go awry using the USPS. That being said, I'm not able to take responsibility if packages do go missing, so if you would like insurance on your package, please let me know the value you would like placed on it for return shipping and I will let you know the cost on that.

I live in the Twin Cities area, can I just drop my watches off to you to save on shipping?
No; I do not have a retail location, and do not accept drop-offs at my shop. If you have a jewelry or antique business in the Twin Cities and are interested in sub-contracting your watch repair to me, I am happy to pick up and deliver at no charge. However, if you are an individual, please understand that I am unable to arrange pick up and delivery due to time constraints.

How do I pay you? 
After I have had a chance to assess your watch, I will send you a firm price on the repairs. I will hold your repair until I have received half of your payment, either via check or money order, and once I have received that payment I will begin work on your job.

What happens in an "overhaul"?
A basic overhaul consists of several steps:

  • Removing the movement from the case
  • Removing the hands and dial
  • Disassembling the movement and checking for wear and damaged parts
  • Cleaning the movement
  • Reassembling the movement
  • Lubricating the movement
  • Timing the watch to measure accuracy and adjusting as necessary
  • Reattaching the dial and hands
  • Polishing and cleaning the case and bracelet
  • Recasing the movement

How long will my repair take?
My standard repair time is eight to 10 weeks plus shipping time. If parts are needed to complete the repair, the time frame could be more. There may be watches that it will take much, much longer to repair, especially watches that have been roughly treated or are of an obscure make or have hard-to-find parts.

Is there a charge if the watch is unrepairable?
Yes. I will make every attempt to get your watch to run correctly, however there may come a point when one or both of us decides that enough effort and time has been put into the watch and it is time to pull the plug on the project.  If that time comes, I will charge for any parts purchased at your go-ahead, as well as a flat $30 labor charge and a $5 return shipping charge. Any parts purchased for a non-repairable watch will be marked up to cover shipping.

Do you work on replica watches or Chinese watches?
Yes, I do... with some caveats. First, I am not a miracle worker, and I can't make your watch a genuine article, nor can I make it run like one. Second, please bear in mind that while many replicas (and Chinese watches) can be repaired, it is difficult to get replacement parts. Replica watches are made at a lower cost than genuine-branded watches. This means the parts are not made to the same standard that genuine watches are made, and the parts can suffer greater damage through simple use. I do not offer any warranty on replica watches, simply because there are so many parts that can and do suffer damage through wear on replica watches. If parts break during the repair, and I am unable to source parts for the watch within a reasonable time-frame, I will send the watch back to you unrepaired at no charge. Please understand that while I will take the same care of your replica watch as I do with a genuine watch, replica watches break more easily and parts are hard to come by.
Do you work on quartz watches?
Yes. Please be aware that for many quartz watches, often the most cost-effective method of repair is to replace the entire movement.  With that in mind, please also be aware that the movement in your quartz watch may not be available at all. If your brand is a "fashion" brand (Michelle Watch, Toy, Fossil, etc.) it may be most cost-effective for you to send the watch back to the manufacturer. Please also note that if your quartz watch is 10 years old or more, it may not be able to be repaired.

Do you work on electric watches?
No. Electric watches are a breed unto themselves, and the only thing I can do for them is change the battery or make adjustments to date mechanisms or other mechanisms not related to the gear train or balance. There are several watchmakers who specialize in electric watches, and I would highly recommend that you contact one of them.

Do you change mechanical watches to quartz movements (retrofit)?
It breaks my heart to swap out a mechanical movement, and as watch cases are made to specifically fit the movement they originally came with,  it is far preferable to fix the original movement if possible. With that in mind, however, I will retrofit a watch for a flat rate of $75 plus the cost of the movement.

Do you use genuine parts for repairs?
Yes and no. If you want genuine parts and they are available, I will want to use genuine parts because they were made by the original manufacturer specifically for the watch being repaired. However, many high-end watch manufacturers do not supply parts to independent watchmakers, resulting in parts only being available used or from after-market sellers on sites such as eBay. This stranglehold by watch manufacturers forces genuine parts to be more expensive to find and to purchase, if they are found at all.  So, in an effort to keep costs to the consumer lower, I will use generic parts if genuine parts are not available or are cost-prohibitive. I will only use generic parts, however, if you are comfortable with that.

Do you test watch for water resistance?
Please don't take your mechanical watch (or most quartz watches) into the water! Water resistance is a fickle mistress and your watch could easily be ruined beyond repair should it leak. That being said, I can test watches, however I do not guarantee water resistance after the watch leaves the shop. If you need a watch water tested so that you can dive or swim in the ocean with it, I urge you to send it back to the factory so that it can be sealed and tested to the standards set by the factory.

What is your warranty?
I warranty my work for one year.  I do not warranty your watches against damages incurred to them after they are back in your possession, such as moisture in your watch, scratches on or breakage of the crystal, or damages incurred by rough use. I also do not warranty against damages or loss in the mailing process. If your watch arrives back to you in a non-working condition, rest assured it did not leave the shop that way. Though I will happily take another look at it, there may be additional charges. Ultimately, I do want you to be happy with the work, and I will do everything within reason to make sure you are!

 Are there questions you have but don't see answered above? Please send me a note via the "Contact Me" page, and I will try my best to answer whatever questions you may have.
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